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Tip - Use Excel Macros to Print Transportation Trip Schedule

The all new Transportation app has a excel formatted Trip Schedule. This report contains lots of columns and will fit to a landscape page if formatted correctly. This post will step you through creating a macro to format and print the report in a single click! Read more »

Welcome to Toronto! Home of UC 2014!

Now that Toronto is finally the host of our Annual User Conference, we all thought it would be helpful to share with you our favorite things about our great city. Many attendees of this year's user conference are making a vacation of it by bringing their spouses, significant others, kids or friends. Come a few days early, stay after or even during downtime from all the User Conference learning, we've got some sights, sounds, and tastes of our city for you to consider. Several from TheWorxHub team have chipped in with their favorite spots. Read more »

Happy Holidays from TheWorxHub Team

Happy Holidays from TheWorxHub team! Read more »

New Feature Hits a Home Run

Ron Carlson from Jones-Harrison in Minneapolis (Windmill customer since 2006) knew he wanted this feature and interestingly, now finds himself amazed by how often it comes in really handy. Read more »

QA & Survey App - Way more than just for resident sat surveys

At the 2013 User Conference in September, I learned that when most of you hear the word ‘survey,’ you typically associate Resident Satisfaction surveys. Certainly TheWorxHub QA & Survey app works beautifully for that purpose. In addition, however, there’s tremendous benefit from using the app to fill in, record and report on quality of work audits. Read more »

Important Instructions for Some IOS7 Devices

Some people running IOS7 (Apple's latest operating system) are having problems when running TheWorxHub Mobile Worx from a home screen shortcut. This blog provides instructions on circumventing this bug in Apple's homescreen. Read more »

Now with unlimited asset reminders

Haven't you heard? asset reminders are the new black. If you need to be reminded about more than just the warranty date on your assets, we now have that feature for you. Read more »

Exporting Billing Data to AOD

If your organization is using Answers on Demand (AOD) to track fee for service billings, you can simplify the process by exporting your resident billables from TheWorxHub into a format that AOD can understand and import. Read more »

How to Succeed with a Feature Request

I won’t lie. Our feature request list is long. So long in fact, that it’s almost overwhelming. And please don’t get me wrong! We love to hear feature requests from customers – it’s how we learn -- and a whole lot of these have made it into TheWorxHub. Read more »

Tip - Managing Service Contract and COI Expiries

TheWorxHub has a useful feature to remind you of service contracts with contractors (or suppliers) due to expire within the next 90 days. This should be enough lead time to perform a review of their work history and contact them about renewal. Read more »

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