Find virtually ANYTHING in TheWorxHub using keywords

Have you ever wanted to be able to find all the work orders you had to cancel because you were out of resources, or the projects where not approved? Virtually anything in TheWorxHub can be tagged with a keyword, which is then easily found through smart usage of reports. Throughout TheWorxHub you have the opportunity to insert a note when you change the status of a work order, or to enter a progress update note-whether it be to reject a request, cancel a work order, put something on hold, or mark a work order complete. Read more »

Welcome to our new blog

This Blog is way for us at TheWorxhub to have a conversation with you about our software, how you are using it, and new updates coming in the near future. We will also post pictures, stories, and advice from the road as our Trainers crisscross the continent. Who knows, you might end up immortalized in our Blogs. Read more »

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