Tip - Use "Trades" to make skill-based assignments easier

Have you ever spent time searching through your list of staff and contractors looking for the right person to assign to a job? Today’s tip speeds that up! Read more »

Are your residents online? Part two.

In last week’s blog we discussed the benefits of getting your web-connected residents on TheWorxHub, as well as a few strategies to ensure the process went smoothly. This week we get down to the nitty-gritty – how do you actually do this? Read more »

Tip – Find aged work orders

Did you know in the work order report area, you can use a Days Open filter to find work that is—or was—open for a long period? Read more »

Are your residents online? Part one.

Every day, the number of your residents with internet connected computers grows at a staggering pace. They expect not only high-speed internet access in their homes, they expect equally high-speed service. To enhance the experience of the internet savvy resident, TheWorxHub comes with the built-in features to let them submit and monitor their own requests to your service departments. Read more »

Tip - Speak your work orders on Android

For those of you running Mobile Worx on an Android device, there’s a feature that not many people know about – Voice-to-Text. Any time you tap into a field to type, such as a Work Order description or completion notes, your on-screen keyboard often displays a microphone button. Read more »

When jobs are routine

Sometimes jobs are so routine that you could do them with your eyes closed. It's always the same staff member doing them; it always takes the same amount of time; and nothing unexpected ever happens. To help with the overhead of tracking these jobs, TheWorxHub has a feature called 'auto-complete' available when configuring scheduled work orders. Read more »

Tip - Lightning bolt icon means ready for quick complete

On the Overview tab on your Dashboard, you’ll often see an icon that looks like a lightning bolt throughout your Work Order indicators. Read more »

The upside of downward trends

Nowadays we’re pretty used to negative news of downward trends. I barely react anymore when I open my RRSP or 401(k) statement from the bank to see what’s left of it. Whether it’s the market, employment rates, or housing prices, we’re pretty much fed up with downward trends. Read more »

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