Choosing a mobile device

Someday soon, your phone will be the only item on your checklist as it will undoubtedly replace your keys and your wallet. I’m not saying you should put as much thought into choosing a phone as you would when -- let’s say, you’re naming your first born -- but you are going to be using the thing daily for a couple years so it’s important to consider a few things before buying. Read more »

Tip - Optimizing images for upload to TheWorxHub

Each time you load a page or print a report that includes these images, your browser needs to download the picture files. If these files are too large, it can lead to slower page loads. Modern digital cameras, and even the cameras on your smartphone, typically generate very large images which aren’t needed when viewing the image in your browser. Read more »

Going mobile on a shoestring budget

Getting your technicians on our Mobile Worx application comes with countless benefits which streamline your workflow. Read more »

Tip — See all instances of a scheduled work order

Have you ever wanted to see all of the work orders that resulted from a scheduled work order? Maybe you have a monthly scheduled work order, and you want to browse through the last 5 instances to see who performed the task, how long it took and if there’s any special notes about the job. Read more »

Maintenance and the bottom line

The last few years have been financially tough times for most organizations. It's in times like these when organizations are on the lookout for budgets to cut. Often, they zero-in on the maintenance and plant operations departments because these departments are typically treated as an expense line outside of the organization's core mission. This is a very common and short-sighted approach to cutting costs. Read more »

Tip — Using browser tabs to multi-task

Have you ever wished you could do more things at the same time? Using “browser tabs” can allow you to use different parts of TheWorxHub simultaneously. Read more »

Tip – Quickly getting to the top of the page on an Apple Mobile device

Always swiping and swiping to get to the top of the page? For those of you running MobileWorx on an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, there is a great time saving feature that can help you quickly get to the top of the page without swiping. Read more »

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