TheWorxHub by the Numbers

It’s been nearly a year and a half since we launched our first customer on TheWorxHub and we’ve been growing steadily ever since. Read more »

Back to “school” in September! + IPod Contest

Yes, you read the headline right – and no, I haven’t decided to skip summer and go directly to fall. We up north here in Toronto are just now enjoying getting out into our gardens and soaking up sun on patios. Read more »

Tip — Adding a Second Resident

In TheWorxHub’s resident files, you can separately manage two residents that are part of the same household. They can each have their own photo and contact information, and can be moved individually if their care needs start to differ. Read more »

Tip — Resident Away Notifications

When your residents travel it can be difficult to remember if they have additional requests or if they change their entry instructions while they are gone . Forgetting about these instructions can lead to complaints and unhappy residents. Read more »

Increase Productivity AND Serve Residents Better – A Perfect Win-Win

Many years of experience and innovation with department managers are embedded deeply within every nook and cranny of TheWorxHub. Like they say about icebergs, just the tip is visible above the water, and then there’s much more to it below the surface. Seemingly small features deliver big impact. Read more »

Tip — Adding Resident Entry Instructions

An important part of keeping your resident satisfaction scores high is knowing the preferences and requirements of each resident and being able to have any of your staff members know about these before going to the resident’s unit. Read more »

Why can't I set a due date & time on requests?

Wouldn’t it be great if TheWorxHub had a spot on the requestor form where requestors could enter the date and even time that they needed to have the job done? After all, when the activities department plans an event and needs a setup, they need it at a certain time. Any sort of setup actually falls into this category. The solution seems clear: put date and time fields onto the requestor form. It seems simple enough after all. Read more »

Tip — Finding Scheduled Work Orders that Need to be Printed

Managing all of your PMs and compliance work orders using scheduled work orders just got easier with the new indicator on your dashboard for incomplete scheduled work orders. Read more »

Resident Profiles – Helping Transform Senior Living One Service Task at a Time

If not totally impossible, it’s certainly impractical to deliver a perfectly personalized experience for every resident from every staff member who provides services and to do it cost effectively. Yet, that is precisely the expectation residents and their families have from you and your community. Moreover, it is how our elders deserve to be treated, isn’t it? Read more »

Tip — How to Manage Temporary Resident Moves

Everyone wants to give their residents the best care possible, and this can be made more difficult when a resident needs to move temporarily to the Health Care Center. What do you do with their resident profile? Read more »

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