Pathway Senior Living Earns LINK Innovation Award for Technology-Enabled Asset Management

Recognizing that managing through manual spreadsheets is not the way of the future – and increasingly problematic for an executive team accountable for a dozen, geographically dispersed communities managing assets worth millions – Pathway turned to Windmill Software’s TheWorxHub suite of operations applications designed specifically for senior living. Read more »

Tip — Setting up default “Ship To” and “Bill To” Addresses for your Purchase Orders

When printing a PO you need to have a “Ship To Address” and a “Bill To Address” so your supplier knows where to send your supplies and the invoice. This can be entered on a PO-by-PO basis; but to save time, you can setup default addresses in TheWorxHub. For the rare times that these need to be changed, you can edit these for individual POs. Read more »

Passwords are a HUGE Pain. Agree?

I wish I could do a rant focused on how crazy PASSWORDS have become. It feels ridiculous. Password for this. PIN for that. Your password doesn’t have enough strength. Strength? Jeepers! You need a letter and a number. You need a symbol too. You need 8 characters. This one needs 6 characters. No spaces. Requires a space. No CAPS. All caps. At least one CAP. One CAP and one symbol. Where does it end? It often makes me cross. You too? Read more »

Tip — Forgot your Password?

It happens to almost everyone. We forget our password. TheWorxHub has a great feature to send you a new temporary password if you forget your password. This will save you the time and hassle of calling a manager or IT to have your password reset. Read more »

Granny's on the Internet

The internet used to be complicated. You would have to pillage a phone line to connect your dial-up modem, perform wild settings configuration in your browser or email client, then wait, and wait, and wait… and when you finally got connected, what were you there to do? Read more »

Tip — Adding a Resident -- Don't Just Type Over a Name!

Have you ever had problems Moving a Resident into their home – in TheWorxHub, that is? For many, the problem comes from the fact that they’re typing over top of the prior resident’s name rather than using the built-in move functions. You see, when you edit the name of a resident, TheWorxHub cannot differentiate between a slight change to the current resident’s name (such as correcting a spelling mistake), and changing the resident altogether. Always ensure that you move residents around and out of the community using the move functions in TheWorxHub. Read more »

Time: Always in Short Supply

I don't have time. There's not enough time. Do you know how long that will take? I'm out of time. Oh no, look at the time! Read more »

Tip — Viewing Second Resident’s Photo on Work Orders

Knowing the names and faces of your residents can make them feel appreciated and part of the community. Read more »

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