Tip - Understanding 'Multi-Worker' Completion

The new ‘Multi-Worker Completion’ feature in TheWorxHub adds a significant amount of new functionality to completing a work order and greatly improves the scenario when multiple workers are assigned to the same job. Read more »

DNS Outage Post-Mortem

An overview of the DNS outage for theworxhub.com early Monday morning. Read more »

Tip - Bring Back a Rejected Request

Have you ever rejected a Work Request and later realized that it should have been accepted? Don’t worry! You can reactive a Request so that the original requestor can still easily track the status of their work order. Read more »

Tip - Editing your Address on an Invoice

When sending out invoices to residents, it is important that they know who to contact if they have any questions. If you set a Billing Contact, their contact information will print at the top of the invoice beside the logo. Read more »

3 reasons to consider using the Staff Schedule Report

The staff schedule report can be a significant asset to your daily workflow by presenting a condensed and organized list of assigned work for each staff member. Read more »

Tip — One click access to 24/7 Help

Have you ever considered using TheWorxHub online help but couldn’t remember how to get there? Did you just give up and carry on? No need to ever miss learning opportunities again! Read more »

Tip — Labor Time Formats

Tracking labor time is a key element to getting the most out of TheWorxHub. Once you know the accepted formats for entering time, it's extremely quick and easy to log all of your labor time. Read more »

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