Tip - Customizing the Grace period on a Scheduled Work Order

While the default grace periods that you have setup should work for the majority of your Scheduled Work Orders, there may be some individual Scheduled Work Orders for which you want to change the default. Read more »

Tip - Applying a Discount Coupon to a PO

Do you ever need to apply a discount coupon to a Purchase Order? If you need to apply a dollar amount discount to a PO, you can simply Add an Ad-Hoc Item to the PO. Read more »

Tip - Custom 'On Hold' Status Reasons

Now you can create your own custom On Hold status reasons, such as 'Waiting for Parts' or 'Waiting for Budget.' Read more »

Tip - Get a History of Work on a Location

One of the most common uses of your historical data is to look up the history of work done on a location. We've got three easy ways to accomplish that, depending on your needs. Read more »

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