Tip -- Save Time, Save your Search

Saved searches allow you to save a set of filters used to retrieve records, so the next time you want to run an identical search, you don’t need to select all of the filters used to find those records. This can save you many mouse-clicks and precious time. Read more »

Make your Notes 'Visible to Requestors'

A requestor is a user who logs into TheWorxHub to submit a work request to one of your departments, like Maintenance, Housekeeping or IT Services. These can be nursing staff, the front desk, marketing, activities and even residents. This is a lot of requests, and a lot of people who need to know what's happening with the jobs they've submitted. Read more »

Tip - Make Text Bigger on a Web Page

Have you ever wanted to easily zoom in on a web page, or make everything on the page bigger? This blog post shows you how to do that in an instant! Read more »

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