Make your Notes 'Visible to Requestors'

By Kyle Adamo, Windmill Software

In TheWorxHub we have about 17,000 requestors. A requestor is a user who logs into TheWorxHub to submit a work request to one of your departments, like Maintenance, Housekeeping, Landscaping or IT Services. Requestors might be nursing staff, the front desk, marketing, activities and even residents. The best practice is to have everyone using the requests so the same job request doesn't have to be handled multiple times by multiple people.  Besides saving a lot of very valuable time, the closer you can get to having the person with the request put it in themselves, the less risk you have of losing the detail on the way ... we all know how broken telephone happens.

Once Requests are in full use, you can save even more time and increase everyone's satisfaction by keeping your requestors fully informed about the status of their job.  In some places, closing the loop on these is even part of the compliance! 

TheWorxHub makes it very easy to keep these people in the loop throughout the entire life of a request, ensuring they have just the right amount of information to know what's going on. Each time the status of a request is updated, the requestor can always see the status and when it was updated. Also, anytime you enter a note regarding that status change, or by manually adding a note into the log panel, you can check the Visible to Requestor option to ensure the requestor can see the details that you've made available.

Here's a collection of areas where you'll find this option:

Dashboard Update Status Action

Dashboard -status 

Quick Complete Action


Completion Wizard


Status Picker in Work Order FormStatus -picker 

Status Panel on Mobile 

Mobile -status

Completion Page on Mobile


Manual Log Panel Note

Manual -note

What Does the Requestor See?

The requestor sees all status updates and any notes that you make available. They do not see the priority, the due date or who is assigned to the job. Below is a screenshot of what a requestor can see if they open up the log panel of their requests. This particular job was accepted, placed on hold, put back in progress, then completed.

What -the -requestor -sees

A requestor can find these log panel updates by clicking on any visible request on the dashboard smart widgets, or by opening up a request through search. See our How it Worx Topic: Checking the Status of a Work Request

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  1. Posted Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 8:25:06 PM

    Kyle, thanks for the reminder. This is a really important link in the information chain, and allows Requestors to stay informed simply and easily.

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