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By Kyle Adamo, Windmill Software

Using search in TheWorxHub is something you do daily. Search allows you to find historical work orders, or to easily specify precisely the records you want to view across your entire database. Some searches are done frequently enough that it's worth investigating our Saved Search feature.

Saved searches allow you to save a set of filters used to retrieve records, so the next time you want to run an identical search, you don't need to select all of the filters used to find those records. This can save you many mouse-clicks and precious time. In this blog, I'll cover How to Create a Saved Search as well as 5 Great Saved Search Ideas.

We've mined data in TheWorxHub to see in what areas saved searches are the most popular.

Saved Search Types

Here's How to Create a Saved Search


  1. Visit the search tab for an area you wish to look up records. 
  2. Apply the needed filters.
  3. Click Search Now to see the results to confirm that you've set your filters correctly.
  4. Type in a Saved Search Name.
  5. Click the Save button.

Saved -Search -Panel

The next time you return to this tab, you can select this saved search from the Saved Search drop-down, then click the magnifying glass - search-button.jpg - to execute this search.

Saved -Search -Select -Saved -Search

Tip: You cannot edit a saved search. To change a saved search, first delete it using the trash can button - trash-button.jpg - then recreate it and save it.

5 Saved Search Ideas

Work Order Search - Open Compliance Work Orders

A frequent search we hear customers create involves finding all open work orders for a specific department that are compliance related.

  • Click Search > Work Orders
  • Filter on which Departments you'd like
  • Filter on Source of Work, select Compliance.
  • Filter on Status, select In-Progress and On-Hold

Work Order Search - All Overdue Emergencies

For quality improvement initiatives, many customers have suggested creating a saved search that helps you quickly find all work that was deemed an emergency, which were overdue. You can investigate these work order to identify the root cause and take corrective action.

  • Filter on Priority, select Emergency priority
  • Click Advanced Filters, click Overdue

Location/Resident - All Vacant Resident Units

We often hear a request from customers to find all resident units that are currently vacant.

  • Click Search > Location Residents
  • Filter on Location Type, select Resident Location (or multiple entries which represent your resident locations)
  • Filter on Occupied, select Unoccupied
  • Filter on Care Level if necessary. Often you might just care about Independent Living, or Assisted Living. You can use this filter to specify.

Staff/Contractors - Get a List of all Staff 'Requestors'

To review the list of all staff who are given access as a 'Requestor' in TheWorxHub. A requestor is someone who can only add work requests.

  • Filter on Type, select Staff
  • Filter on Role, select Requestors

QA Surveys - All Surveys with Score under 80%

If you're using the QA & Surveys app, there is a quick way to review all surveys under a certain acceptable score.

  • Filter on Status, select Complete
  • Filter on Survey Score Range, enter a range of 0 to 79

We Want to Hear from You

Do you have a great saved search that you use frequently? Post your ideas in the comments section below to help inspire others to work smarter with TheWorxHub!

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