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While you're here, can you...?

We've all heard it before. Your Maintenance Tech arrives at a resident’s door expecting to fix a freezer on the fritz, only to be presented with a laundry list of other ‘little’ job requests. “While you’re here, can you take a look at my kitchen tap? It’s dripping. Oh, and maybe you could fix the door to the hallway. It’s sticking. And, there’s a light bulb that blew last week…” Read more »

From good intentions to effective communication – with TheWorxHub - Part 2

In part 1 I said that to be a successful leader of an operations department in senior living it’s not enough to be an expert technician or a good manager – you have to be an effective communicator. Perception is reality, and it’s up to you to be continually shaping what others think of you and your team. I talked about how TheWorxHub is helping us strengthen relationships with residents and families through better communication. I touched on how managing life safety and compliance with TheWorxHub sends a message of competence and control to authorities having jurisdiction. Read more »

From good intentions to effective communication - with TheWorxHub - Part 1

I'm Director of Facilities for Jones-Harrison, a senior living facility in Minneapolis providing both assisted living and long-term care. While I manage a team of seven maintenance staff, I'm not the kind of manager who lives in an ivory tower. A few days a week I'm dressed in uniform, jumping in and helping out with maintenance troubleshooting. Everything I ask my staff to do I've done myself. I know the technical side of the work inside out. Read more »

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