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Time: Always in Short Supply

I don't have time. There's not enough time. Do you know how long that will take? I'm out of time. Oh no, look at the time! Read more »

Choosing a mobile device

Someday soon, your phone will be the only item on your checklist as it will undoubtedly replace your keys and your wallet. I’m not saying you should put as much thought into choosing a phone as you would when -- let’s say, you’re naming your first born -- but you are going to be using the thing daily for a couple years so it’s important to consider a few things before buying. Read more »

Going mobile on a shoestring budget

Getting your technicians on our Mobile Worx application comes with countless benefits which streamline your workflow. Read more »

Are your residents online? Part two.

In last week’s blog we discussed the benefits of getting your web-connected residents on TheWorxHub, as well as a few strategies to ensure the process went smoothly. This week we get down to the nitty-gritty – how do you actually do this? Read more »

Are your residents online? Part one.

Every day, the number of your residents with internet connected computers grows at a staggering pace. They expect not only high-speed internet access in their homes, they expect equally high-speed service. To enhance the experience of the internet savvy resident, TheWorxHub comes with the built-in features to let them submit and monitor their own requests to your service departments. Read more »

The upside of downward trends

Nowadays we’re pretty used to negative news of downward trends. I barely react anymore when I open my RRSP or 401(k) statement from the bank to see what’s left of it. Whether it’s the market, employment rates, or housing prices, we’re pretty much fed up with downward trends. Read more »

Source of work & the flowers conundrum

"Flowers for one of my residents got delivered and dropped off at reception. Maintenance staff were requested to come get the flowers and deliver them to the resident. What should my source of work be set to?" Read more »

While you're here, can you...?

We've all heard it before. Your Maintenance Tech arrives at a resident’s door expecting to fix a freezer on the fritz, only to be presented with a laundry list of other ‘little’ job requests. “While you’re here, can you take a look at my kitchen tap? It’s dripping. Oh, and maybe you could fix the door to the hallway. It’s sticking. And, there’s a light bulb that blew last week…” Read more »

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