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Win $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Take 5 minutes to take this 5 question survey and enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Winners will be drawn on 7/23 so don’t delay! Thank you for your input. Read more »

Recurring Projects: More Automation, Less Worry

Being able to schedule recurring projects is a perfect example of a recent improvement to TheWorxHub that helps you manage more efficiently. Read more »

New Feature Hits a Home Run

Ron Carlson from Jones-Harrison in Minneapolis (Windmill customer since 2006) knew he wanted this feature and interestingly, now finds himself amazed by how often it comes in really handy. Read more »

QA & Survey App - Way more than just for resident sat surveys

At the 2013 User Conference in September, I learned that when most of you hear the word ‘survey,’ you typically associate Resident Satisfaction surveys. Certainly TheWorxHub QA & Survey app works beautifully for that purpose. In addition, however, there’s tremendous benefit from using the app to fill in, record and report on quality of work audits. Read more »

Exporting Billing Data to AOD

If your organization is using Answers on Demand (AOD) to track fee for service billings, you can simplify the process by exporting your resident billables from TheWorxHub into a format that AOD can understand and import. Read more »

Helpful Hints: Top 10 Life Safety Compliance Deficiencies of 2011 - Part 3

Moving on down the list to this week’s topic, we have the #3 most cited K Tag of 2011: K29 Hazardous Areas. Read more »

Helpful Hints: Top 10 Life Safety Compliance Deficiencies of 2011 - Part 2

As a continuation of last week’s Helpful Hints: Top 10 Life Safety Compliance Deficiencies of 2011, this week I’m talking about some of the ways to avoid the #2 cited K-Tag, K62 Sprinkler System Testing and Maintenance. Read more »

Helpful Hints: Top 10 Life Safety Compliance Deficiencies of 2011

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve found for a community is maintaining your Life Safety Code compliance. Outside of making sure you have your proper documentation, Life Safety compliance is not something that you can just check off, it has a lot more moving parts. Read more »

3 reasons to consider using the Staff Schedule Report

The staff schedule report can be a significant asset to your daily workflow by presenting a condensed and organized list of assigned work for each staff member. Read more »

Passwords are a HUGE Pain. Agree?

I wish I could do a rant focused on how crazy PASSWORDS have become. It feels ridiculous. Password for this. PIN for that. Your password doesn’t have enough strength. Strength? Jeepers! You need a letter and a number. You need a symbol too. You need 8 characters. This one needs 6 characters. No spaces. Requires a space. No CAPS. All caps. At least one CAP. One CAP and one symbol. Where does it end? It often makes me cross. You too? Read more »

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