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Tip - Picture It. Still Worth 1000 Words

Now that you're using our Mobile Worx app, remember that built-in to your smartphone is an extremely powerful camera. It's useful to think of the many ways that taking pictures can enrich your documentation. Read more »

Choosing a mobile device

Someday soon, your phone will be the only item on your checklist as it will undoubtedly replace your keys and your wallet. I’m not saying you should put as much thought into choosing a phone as you would when -- let’s say, you’re naming your first born -- but you are going to be using the thing daily for a couple years so it’s important to consider a few things before buying. Read more »

Going mobile on a shoestring budget

Getting your technicians on our Mobile Worx application comes with countless benefits which streamline your workflow. Read more »

Tip – Quickly getting to the top of the page on an Apple Mobile device

Always swiping and swiping to get to the top of the page? For those of you running MobileWorx on an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, there is a great time saving feature that can help you quickly get to the top of the page without swiping. Read more »

Tip - Speak your work orders on Android

For those of you running Mobile Worx on an Android device, there’s a feature that not many people know about – Voice-to-Text. Any time you tap into a field to type, such as a Work Order description or completion notes, your on-screen keyboard often displays a microphone button. Read more »

Adding an icon to your mobile homescreen

When using a mobile device with TheWorxHub, adding an icon to your home screen is the fastest way to access your application. Typing the website address into your browser on a mobile device can be tedious, so it's important to use the bookmark capability to make returning to your website as easy as possible. All mobile devices have the capability to add a bookmark to the home screen as well, so accessing TheWorxHub can be done with a single tap. Read more »

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