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Tip - Get a History of Work on a Location

One of the most common uses of your historical data is to look up the history of work done on a location. We've got three easy ways to accomplish that, depending on your needs. Read more »

3 reasons to consider using the Staff Schedule Report

The staff schedule report can be a significant asset to your daily workflow by presenting a condensed and organized list of assigned work for each staff member. Read more »

Tip – Find aged work orders

Did you know in the work order report area, you can use a Days Open filter to find work that is—or was—open for a long period? Read more »

The upside of downward trends

Nowadays we’re pretty used to negative news of downward trends. I barely react anymore when I open my RRSP or 401(k) statement from the bank to see what’s left of it. Whether it’s the market, employment rates, or housing prices, we’re pretty much fed up with downward trends. Read more »

Source of work & the flowers conundrum

"Flowers for one of my residents got delivered and dropped off at reception. Maintenance staff were requested to come get the flowers and deliver them to the resident. What should my source of work be set to?" Read more »

From good intentions to effective communication – with TheWorxHub - Part 2

In part 1 I said that to be a successful leader of an operations department in senior living it’s not enough to be an expert technician or a good manager – you have to be an effective communicator. Perception is reality, and it’s up to you to be continually shaping what others think of you and your team. I talked about how TheWorxHub is helping us strengthen relationships with residents and families through better communication. I touched on how managing life safety and compliance with TheWorxHub sends a message of competence and control to authorities having jurisdiction. Read more »

From good intentions to effective communication - with TheWorxHub - Part 1

I'm Director of Facilities for Jones-Harrison, a senior living facility in Minneapolis providing both assisted living and long-term care. While I manage a team of seven maintenance staff, I'm not the kind of manager who lives in an ivory tower. A few days a week I'm dressed in uniform, jumping in and helping out with maintenance troubleshooting. Everything I ask my staff to do I've done myself. I know the technical side of the work inside out. Read more »

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