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Tip - Picture It. Still Worth 1000 Words

Now that you're using our Mobile Worx app, remember that built-in to your smartphone is an extremely powerful camera. It's useful to think of the many ways that taking pictures can enrich your documentation. Read more »

Recurring Projects: More Automation, Less Worry

Being able to schedule recurring projects is a perfect example of a recent improvement to TheWorxHub that helps you manage more efficiently. Read more »

Tip - Use Excel Macros to Print Transportation Trip Schedule

The all new Transportation app has a excel formatted Trip Schedule. This report contains lots of columns and will fit to a landscape page if formatted correctly. This post will step you through creating a macro to format and print the report in a single click! Read more »

New Feature Hits a Home Run

Ron Carlson from Jones-Harrison in Minneapolis (Windmill customer since 2006) knew he wanted this feature and interestingly, now finds himself amazed by how often it comes in really handy. Read more »

Exporting Billing Data to AOD

If your organization is using Answers on Demand (AOD) to track fee for service billings, you can simplify the process by exporting your resident billables from TheWorxHub into a format that AOD can understand and import. Read more »

Tip - Managing Service Contract and COI Expiries

TheWorxHub has a useful feature to remind you of service contracts with contractors (or suppliers) due to expire within the next 90 days. This should be enough lead time to perform a review of their work history and contact them about renewal. Read more »

Tip -- Save Time, Save your Search

Saved searches allow you to save a set of filters used to retrieve records, so the next time you want to run an identical search, you don’t need to select all of the filters used to find those records. This can save you many mouse-clicks and precious time. Read more »

Make your Notes 'Visible to Requestors'

A requestor is a user who logs into TheWorxHub to submit a work request to one of your departments, like Maintenance, Housekeeping or IT Services. These can be nursing staff, the front desk, marketing, activities and even residents. This is a lot of requests, and a lot of people who need to know what's happening with the jobs they've submitted. Read more »

Tip - Make Text Bigger on a Web Page

Have you ever wanted to easily zoom in on a web page, or make everything on the page bigger? This blog post shows you how to do that in an instant! Read more »

Helpful Hints: Top 10 Life Safety Compliance Deficiencies of 2011 - Part 9

The deadline to have your buildings fully sprinkled is August 13, 2013 and with so many providers having to have sprinkler systems installed over the last couple of years the rigor for compliance on K56 is only going to grow. Read more »

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