Batch Assessments

Tip:  Capital Planning is an add-on application for TheWorxHub. Capital Planning must be active to make use of Batch Assessments. Contact our Customer Success Team at 1-877-363-9679 to inquire about Capital Planning if your community currently does not have it active.

Capital planning gives you a simple way to forecast asset replacement costs and to ensure you have enough money in reserve to meet your replacement requirements.

It's very common that similar or identical assets purchased at the same time can be expected to have a similar lifespan. Buying these types of assets is common when building or renovating a new building or neighborhood. Part of the capital planning process is to periodically assess the age and condition of assets and estimate how much longer they will last.

Batch assessments allows you to apply an identical assessment to many assets at once, thus updating your replacement schedule with minimal effort.

To apply a batch assessment follow these steps:

  1. Click the Actions Tab
  2. Click the Batch Assessment sub-tab
  3. Select Assets (use search to filter assets)
  4. Enter Assessment Details
    • Date - The date of the assessment.
    • Assessed By - The employee who completed the assessment.
    • Reason - A picklist item that gives a reason why this assessment was completed.
    • Replace Cost - The cost to replace the asset on the assessment date.
    • Remaining Life - The number of years left the asset will be in service from the assessment date.


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