Linking a Fixed Asset to a Work Order

1: Expand the Asset Panel

Click and expand the Asset panel at the bottom of the work order.

Best Practice: When you habitually link your fixed assets to work orders and scheduled work orders, TheWorxHub automatically builds a record of maintenance carried out on each asset, including labor time and who did the work.


2: Find the Asset

Enter a keyword in the Simple Search field at the top right of the Asset panel to narrow down the assets list.

Tip: Start typing a keyword in the Simple Search field and TheWorxHub immediately begins refining the list, removing any assets that don't contain the keyword. The more text you enter in the field, the shorter the list of results it returns.


3: Link the Asset

Select the checkbox next to the asset you want, then click Link Selected to link the asset to the work order.

Tip: Link more than one asset to the same work order: simply select the checkboxes for each of the assets you want to link, then click Link Selected.


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