Safety Notes

The benefits of maintaining a safe work environment are many, but first and foremost, safety is about what you can do to protect your employees. TheWorxHub allows you to link safety notes to both work orders and/or assets ensuring your workers are taking proper safety precautions.

Adding safety notes for work orders and/or assets is completed through the Safety Notes panel. Linking safety notes to assets ensures that every work order linked to that asset will show the asset safety notes.

Tip: You must add items to the Safety Note Type picklist in settings bofore creating safety notes in TheWorxHub.

Setting up a safety note for an asset or work order

Adding a safety note to TheWorxHub

  1. Click Setting
  2. Click Safety
  3. Click Add Safety Note
  4. Select Department and Type. Enter a Description and Safety Note Details
  5. Click Save


Linking safety notes

  1. Open the Safety Notes panel of any asset or work order
  2. Select the desired safety note(s)
  3. Click "Link Selected Notes"


Note: It's possible to link safety notes while creating assets and to pre-existing assets already in TheWorxHub.

Each time a work order is linked to an asset with safety notes they display inside the work order, on the work order print out, and inside Mobile Worx.


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