Getting Started with Barcoding

    Using TheWorxHub barcoding app is very easy, but there are a few prerequisites and helpful tips that can get you started smoothly.

    Choosing Barcode Labels

    One of the first steps in getting started with barcoding is to select the label type to use. This topic introduces the various supported label types and which is best for your specific needs.

    Printing Barcodes

    Before you can scan a barcode, you need to print them from TheWorxHub. This topic takes you through everything you need to know to print your labels.

    How to Scan a Barcode

    Here's a few tips on using your smartphone to scan a barcode.

    Scanning an Asset From Your Dashboard

    Barcode all your fixed assets and scan these to get info on assets including open work orders and completion history!

    Scanning a Location from your Dashboard

    Put barcodes on door jambs and scan these to get info on that location including open work orders and completion history!

    Scanning an Inventory Item From Your Dashboard

    Barcode inventory shelves and drawers. Use the dashboard scan to help in physical counts -- just scan the item and enter the on-hand count!

    Linking Assets or Inventory from a Work Order

    Tighten your asset management by ensuring you've linked assets to work orders -- just scan the barcode and tap done! Easily work with long inventory lists by scanning items to assign them to work orders.

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