Getting Started with Barcoding

Using barcodes as a workflow tool can have a huge impact on productivity and accuracy. It's really easy to setup and use, but there are few items that need to be in place in order to have a successful barcoding implementation.

Here's the things you'll need:

Mobile Worx

Mobile Worx is our mobile app for TheWorxHub. It's a touch optimized web app designed for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Most of you reading this will already own Mobile Worx, but if not, contact us to get started.

The Barcoding App

Once you own the Mobile Worx app, barcoding is an easy and affordable add-on that can be licensed and activated in only a couple minutes.

An Android or iOS (Apple) Device with a Rear Camera

To scan a barcode we're using the camera on your phone or tablet, so your device must have a rear camera.Trust me, the front camera does not make a good barcode scanner! We're recommending Android 2.3+ and iOS 6.0+ -- the newer the better.

Install Pic2ShopPic 2shop

Pic2Shop is a free barcoding app that needs to be downloaded and installed on your device. TheWorxHub barcoding feature will leverage some of the tools built-in to Pic2Shop.

Get it on GooglePlay or in the App Store.

Decide What (and How Many) Things You'll Be Barcoding

TheWorxHub supports barcoding for assets, locations and inventory items. Put barcodes on PTAC units, roof top units, vehicles, beds, chairs, ovens, wheelchairs, you name it! Locations too! Stick a barcode label on the door jamb so you can scan it to see open work in that location. If you own the Inventory app, just attach your barcodes to bins, shelves or drawers where you store your items to speed up physical counts and linking to work orders.

Fridge -Barcode

Buy Barcode Labels

We've made it simple by supporting 3 standard and affordable barcode label types. These are durable and permanent -- and you can get started for as low at $0.03 per label. To find out more about the different label types see Choosing Barcode Labels.

Print Your Barcodes

Once you've bought your labels, printing barcodes is a snap. See Printing Barcodes for detailed instructions and helpful tips.

Attach Your Barcodes

There's a couple very important concepts when sticking barcodes on assets, locations or inventory.

  1. Be consistent! Consistency is important -- always stick them in a similar spot on similar things. You don't want to put your barcode on a front of one fridge but inside the freezer door of another.  
  2. Make them accessible! Keep in mind that someone needs to scan these with their smart phone, so make sure you can actually see them. Don't stick them in a dark and hard to reach area if possible.

Image -Test


Now Get Scanning!

Take a look at our How to Scan a Barcode topic then start practicing. You can't break anything by scanning, so just keep doing it until you're comfortable. You'll quickly pick up the techniques for working with barcodes after only a few scans.

Note: you must use Mobile Worx inside a full browser. What we mean by this is to avoid running Mobile Worx via a homescreen app in iOS. First, launch your browser, then open your bookmark to get to your TheWorxhub site. Our implementation team will step you through what this means when implementing your Barcoding app.

Bed ---Barcode (1)

If you haven't already signed up, our 2014 User Conference in September will contain several barcoding sessions to get you up-to-speed on this brand new app. Sign-up Now!

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