How to Scan a Barcode

Scanning a barcode with your smartphone from Mobile Worx is very easy. Before you can scan a barcode please review Getting Started with Barcoding to ensure you've got all the prerequisites covered.

This video shows some great tips on how to be sure you get a successful scan.


Tip: The video shows an option where you can activate the flash by tapping the lightbulb icon when your scanner appears. This is especially helpful when scanning barcodes in low-light situations. This feature is currently only available on Apple devices with a camera flash.


Make it 'Beep'

To activate an audible 'beep' when a scan is succesful you can do the following:

In iOS:

  • Launch Pic2Shop from your homescreen. 
  • Tap Preferences
  • Switch Sound to On.

In Android:

  • Launch Pic2Shop from your App Tray
  • Open the Menu > Tap Settings (if Pic2Shop launches straight into the barcode scanning mode, you'll need to tap your back button before you can access the menu.)
  • Tap to add a checkmark next to Sound


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