Linking Assets or Inventory from a Work Order

When working with a work order in Mobile Worx, you can now use the barcoding app to link assets and inventory to the work order. Sometimes it can be hard to find items to link to the work order, especially with inventory when your list can be very long.

Now rather than searching through the list for the asset or inventory item, just tap the Scan Barcode panel at the top of the list to launch your scanner.


After scanning the item, it appears ready to be linked the work order. Just tap Done at the top to link the item. In the case of inventory it defaults to assigning a quantity of 1 to the work order but this can be changed just by tapping on the 1 and changing it to the desired quantity.  

Tip: To link multiple assets or inventory items simply tap the Scan Barcode panel again at the top of the Link Asset or Link Inventory page.

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