Scanning a Location from your Dashboard

Scenario: Building Inspection with ED & MD 

A common practice is a community is to have routine inspections to identify maintenance issues within your building. Bacoding enables you to quickly add work orders on the fly during your inspection. Simply scan the barcode, choose your template and your work order is ready to be completed by the maintenance team.

The entire process is completed in just a few steps.

Walk-up and Scan

  • From the dashboard, tap Scan Barcode.

  • Place red line across barcode and hold steady. If the barcode is on the door jamb turn your phone sideways to scan.

  • Barcode scans and automatically shows the Location page which displays location information, open work orders, past work orders and the resident data tab.


Add a New Work Order

  • Tap Add Work Order for Location

  • Tap Pick Template 

  • Tap the pre-made template that corresponds to the inspection issue.

  • Select the due date and tap Done.


View Resident Infomation (optional)

  • Tap the Resident tab to view resident information.

  • Tapping the phone, cell, or email icons will automatically call or email the resident. 

  • Tap Back to return to the location information.


Tip:  Creating your top 10 corrective work orders as templates can speed up productivy during inspections.

Tip:  Tap the Last 5 Completed Work Orders panel to load previously completed work for a location. Look for similar problems and resolutions to help your work go faster.

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