Scanning an Asset from your Dashboard

Scenario: Recurring Project - PTAC Filter Changes

A common preventative maintenance task is to have a filter change for all PTACS on any given floor (20+ units). With barcoding there is no more searching through your work orders, just scan the PTAC barcode and the open work orders appear automatically.

The workflow looks like this: a technician walks up to the PTAC unit, scans the barcode, and completes the job. Completing the work order and tracking time in TheWorxHub is done in only a few steps. Once completed, the technician can complete the remaining PTAC's throughout the day with no worries of missing a unit because each is updated in real time so they can see at any point which equipment has not been serviced.

The entire process is completed in just a few steps.

Walk-up and Scan

  • From the dashboard, tap Scan Barcode.

  • Place red line across barcode and hold steady.

  • Barcode scans and automatically brings you to the Asset page which displays asset information, open work orders, and asset work order history.


Open the Work Order

  • Tap the work order to open the work order form.

  • View any additional details before starting the work.


Track Time

  • Tap the Enter Labor Time panel.

  • Tap Start Timer and complete the work.

  • When finished, stop timer and tap done.


Complete the Work Order

  • Tap the Status panel and then tap complete.

  • If necessary, enter a completion note and tap done.


Tip:  If during the PTAC filter change you uncover a corrective job to be done on that unit, simply scan the barcode, then tap +Add Work Order for Asset to create a new corrective job linked directly to that PTAC asset.


Tip:  Tap the Last 5 Completed Work Orders panel to load previously completed work on this asset. Look for similar problems and resolutions to help your work go faster.

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