Batch Assigning and Unassigning Labor

One of the things you must do in order to complete or close out a work order is to assign someone to carry out the work. An effective way to assign labor strategically is to use the filters and the batch actions available on the dashboard. This helps you to make labor assignments so that:

  • Several work orders at the same location, or at locations close together, are assigned to the same person
  • Work is assigned to the person most qualified to carry it out
  • All the work that requires the same set of tools is assigned to the same person

For example, when you filter Incomplete work orders by Location, you can easily drill down to see all the work due to be carried out in any given place.


Once you've identified multiple work orders in the same location, you can batch assign them to the same staff member directly from the dashboard.

  • Select all the work orders with the Select All action
  • Assign all the selected work orders to the same person with the Assign Someone action


  • Choose the appropriate person from the list of staff and assign them by clicking Add Selected; details of the new assignments are then displayed in the Assigned Labor section of the form.


These same tools can be used to batch reassign work, for example when a staff member misses work due to illness. It's very straightforward to drill down to find all the work assigned to the missing staff member.


Once you've identified the work orders in question:

  • Select them with the Select All action
  • Change how they're assigned with the Assign Someone action
  • The first step is to unassign them from the staff member who's absent using the Unassign option


  • It then becomes a simple matter to reassign these work orders to someone else.


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