Pulse Tab

The Pulse tab is designed to answer one question: Who's doing what? With this in mind, click this tab frequently to see what each of your workers are doing, who's got what assignments, who's running a job timer, how much time has everyone logged today and what jobs have recently been marked complete.

Tip: The Pulse tab requires a special security permission for access. Under Settings > Users > Roles, ensure your role has Dashboard > Pulse permission.

The Pulse tab is comprised for 4 main parts.


Staff Assignments

Perfect for stand-up meetings, click the staff assignments panel to expand a list of all of your staff work assignments for the current department. For each staff member, TheWorxHub displays a breakdown of all open work orders for corrective and PM. Further segments of due today and overdue let you zero-in on the most urgent items.


Click on any number to display the list of those work orders for that staff member. From here you can print, mark complete or even reassign.


Note: After using the quick complete dialog, click the Refresh Counts link to display updated counts for all staff.

Running Timers

If you own our add-on mobile app, your staff can run timers when they're at a job site. All of the various job timers are displayed here. This is helpful to identify what work orders are in-progress right now and where in your community each staff member is located. This is helpful when an urgent work order arises. Simply use the running timers section to find out which staff member is nearby to handle the urgent situation most quickly.


Tip: If a staff member ever forgets a timer running, you can discard that timer from this section by hovering your mouse over any timer.

Logged Hours

Tracking time is important on work orders. It provides valuable insight into required effort and productivity, but also adds a level of accountability. If time tracking is important to your department, the Logged Hours section shows you exactly how much time has been logged for each staff member today. All time is logged whether via a timer, the dashboard enter labor time action or the work log section of the work order labor panel.


Recently Completed

The recently completed section shows the last five completed work orders. Click Load 5 More to display the next 5 work orders. You can click on any of these work orders to pop-up the work order form to get more details and add additional information.


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