Using the Super Search Function

1: Display Records to Search

Click the appropriate Work Order or Reminder indicator to display the records you want to search.

Work Order and Reminder indicator

2: Enter Search Text

Begin entering a search term in the Super Search field. Super Search narrows your list of search results with each character you type. As you enter more text, the list becomes shorter and more precise.

Tip: Refine your search even further by entering two or more search terms. Super Search returns only the records that match all the terms you enter.

Super Search field

3:Select the Desired Record

Select the result you're searching for from the shortened list. Click to open the record, or choose from the mouseover actions to the right to perform an action on the record.

Tip: Click the clear search icon to the right of the Super Search field to quickly clear all text from the field and display the full list of records.

Records list

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