Data Imports

    Entering Locations - Excel Input Sheet

    Locations are central to TheWorxHub. Whenever you create a work order or set up a housekeeping task, the first piece of information you need to know is where the work is to be done. Provided you have access to and know the basics of how to use Excel, setting up your locations using the Input sheet is quick and easy.

    Staff Input

    All users of TheWorxHub must be listed in the software with his or her name, role and password at a minimum. You can keep additional information about them in TheWorxHub if you wish.

    Contractor/Supplier Input

    TheWorxHub requires work orders to be assigned to either a staff member or to a contractor. Adding contractors and suppliers into TheWorxHub and assigning them to work and/or purchase orders creates an archive for all purchases, costs, and work history associated with each company.

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