Adding Contractors & Suppliers into TheWorxHub

TheWorxHub requires work orders to be assigned to either a staff member or to a contractor. Adding contractors and suppliers into TheWorxHub and assigning them to work and/or purchase orders creates an archive for all purchases, costs, and work history associated with each company. 

Adding a single contractor or supplier directly from the software is simple and recommened if you have a small list of contractors and/or suppliers to add. Click Adding a Contractor to learn how to do add a contractor/supplier directly from the software.

When getting TheWorxHub up and running in the first place, there can be quite a significant number of companies and contacts to add. The following Watch, Listen and Learn video explains how to fill in an Excel Input Sheet to make your initial setup quick and easy.

Once you've completed your Contractor/Supplier Input Sheet, email it to your Customer Success Team rep who will get your data loaded into TheWorxHub.

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