Adding Staff into TheWorxHub

All users of TheWorxHub must be listed in the software with his or her name, role and password at a minimum. You can keep additional information about them in TheWorxHub if you wish.

The typical list would include everyone from requestors with only the ability to submit requests for work to managers and directors who have access to all areas of TheWorxHub and everyone in between such as supervisors, technicians and so on.

If you have only a few staff members to enter into TheWorxHub - possibly up to about 10 - it's easier and quicker to simply add them directly into the software without going through the extra step of using an Excel import. See Adding a Staff Member.

If you have many users logging into TheWorxHub, using the Excel Staff Input sheet will save you time. Please download the Default Roles document to see what permissions have been set for each of the default roles. Note that you can change a role's permissions at any time and as a result, staff members assigned to that role will be updated.

The following Watch, Listen and Learn explains how to fill in the Staff Input sheet.

Once you've completed your Staff Input Sheet, email it to your Customer Success Team rep who will get your data loaded into TheWorxHub.


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