Adding attachments in TheWorxHub allows all your info to be found in one place. Your team now has everything they need to complete the job as efficiently and accurately as possible. TheWorxHub allows you to attach documents, images, and videos to almost anything. The full list of where you add attachments is:

  1. Requests
  2. Work Orders
  3. Locations
  4. Residents
  5. Staff
  6. Contractors
  7. Assets
  8. Inventory
  9. PO's

Some examples include requestors attaching floorplans for activity setup, technicians attaching before and after pictures for their work orders, and maintenance directors attaching warranty and user manuals to assets. Adding attachments has many uses and we are excited to see how you will use them in your community.

Attachments can be added in 3 ways:

  1. From Computer
    • Upload a file directly to TheWorxHub from your local machine.
  2. From the Web (URL)
    • Add URL links to online PDF files, videos or web pages and always have the most updated version.
  3. From Dropbox
    • Use Dropbox to share any file in your personal cloud!

Tip: Click Add More Files to upload more than one file. Also, use the Notes field to give more information about the file being attached as file names can often by cryptic.

Note: For information on adding attachments to a work order on Mobile Worx, see Mobile Worx > Adding and Viewing Attachmenets.

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