Smart Tabs

The Smart Tabs feature provides you with a quick and easy way to go back to recently used records. TheWorxHub creates a separate Smart tab for each new record you produce and adds it to the Smart tab display across the top of your workspace. Just clicking once on a Smart tab instantly returns you to the record it represents.

Revised -smart -tabs

Each Smart tab displays a brief summary of the record to which it links. For work orders, you see the location and the work order number. For other records, the tab displays the type of record and some detail about it - for example, an asset file that relates to a Cook Top stove, a staff or contractor file with the name of the staff or contractor.

Asset -smart -tab

The Smart tab display remains visible no matter where in TheWorxHub you happen to be working, making it a super-shortcut for navigating back to your recent work. The smart tab display shows the last two items that you viewed, but you can also access the last 10 items via the Recent History icon.


Click this icon to see the last 10 items you viewed, and click any item on the Recent History list to return to that page.


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