Using the Global Search and Add Function

In the header of TheWorxHub, the Global Search and Global Add functions are always visible no matter what page you're on. 

Using Global Search

1: Select Search Options

Select what you want to search from the list of options in the Global Search function's Search In list.

Note: Users with manager access can use Global Search to search work orders, requests, assets, staff profiles, and much more. Users with requestor or technician access have search options tailored specifically to their jobs.



2: Enter a Search Term

Enter a search term in the Global Search field, then click the button on the right, or press your Enter key on your keyboard..

Enter -search -term

3: Refine Your Search

The results of your initial search are displayed on a Search grid. Use the filters above the grid to refine your search even further (for example, by date range or location in a work order search). Clicked the blue hyperlinked portion of the record to open it.

Search Grid

Tip: Use the Show entries option at the top of the Search grid to customize the number of items it displays at one time.

Show entries option

Using Global Add New

When you click the Add New button, a drop down list of options appears. Click the item that you wish to add. A new smart tab opens allowing you to enter the details for a new record.


Because the Add New button is visible from all pages, you can easily add any type of new record from any page in the system. For example, if you're currently looking at a Fixed Asset record, and you get a call about a new work order, you can quickly click Add New > Work Order to enter that new work order without having to navigate elsewhere.



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