Using the Location Picker

The Location Picker is a versatile tool used for selecting one - or many - locations within your community. TheWorxHub provides the ability to type in search words to find a single location, as well as a pop-up treeview to navigate all locations in a hierarchical view.

Tip: When using the location picker to select a single location, such as setting the location for a work order, the fastest method is using the Super Search to find a location by keyword. You can type any combination of keywords, including a resident name, to narrow down the choices. For example, consider a community with nursing stations in both a north and south wing. As the screenshot below illustrates, you can type 'north' then start typing 'nursing' to limit the list to nursing stations in the north wing.

Location Picker

In some circumstances the location picker allows for the selection of multiple locations, such as filtering on reports and search, as well as selecting multiple locations for certain types of projects.

Tip: When using the pop-up location treeview for multi-select, clicking the checkbox next to any location will select only that location. Use the mouse-over action of 'Select All' to check that location and all locations inside of it. Use 'Select All' in circumstances where you need to report or search on all work orders that took place in any location in a building, a wing or floor.

pop-up location treeview

Using the Location Picker

This Watch, Listen and Learn provides an overview of using the Location Picker in TheWorxHub.

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