This help topic is a central library of resources and learning materials for Housekeeping in TheWorxHub.  Through it, you can access a wealth of materials designed by senior living experts who really understand both the software and the business.  Whether you're learning from the beginning, converting from PM Worx, or looking for materials to support staff training, you'll find everything you need right here.

Building the Housekeeping Schedule

Overview: Building The Housekeeping Schedule

Housekeeping is all about the "Schedule".  With a little planning up front, you can make the task of setting up the Housekeeping Schedule a lot easier.

Creating Scheduled Templates for In-Unit Cleans

The first step will be to create Templates for each general type of in-unit clean. 

Creating Templates for Other Scheduled Assignments

You will then use the same methodology to create Templates for the other scheduled assignments.  This includes the planned cleaning of common areas, plus other Housekeeping scheduled assignments.  

Creating a Schedule

The next step will be to create the individual schedules for each Housekeeper and Custodian.

Visualizing in the Calendar

Once everything is scheduled, the final step is to ensure that you have created a realistic daily / weekly schedule for each Housekeeper. 

Editing from the Calendar

You may find that your schedules require a little "tweaking" once you see them mapped out on the Calendar. 

Printing the Staff Schedule Report

You could also use the Staff Schedule Report to print the proposed Schedule for each Housekeeper. 

Ad hoc Requests

Overview: Adding ad hoc Requests

Besides the regularly scheduled work in Housekeeping, there will always be ad hoc requests that are generally handled by the Custodians.  These are handled either through Work Requests or by adding a Work Order directly.

Managing the Housekeeping Schedule

Overview: Managing The Housekeeping Schedule

If your Housekeeping Schedule is carefully planned and built, then managing that schedule is straightforward!  Even for those circumstances that tend to upset the schedule.

The Staff Schedule Dashboard

The heart of the Housekeeping dashboard is the "Staff Schedule".  This displays all currently scheduled jobs and upcoming scheduled jobs for the next seven days.

Printing Schedules

If you're not using Mobile Worx, you might want to provide your Housekeeping staff with a printed schedule.

Changing Schedules

Stuff happens!  Even in the most organized community, the Housekeeping Schedule can be upset. 

Managing Changes

Not everything always goes according to plan!  For those jobs that were not completed according to plan, you should document the changes, so that you maintain an accurate reporting of work done.

Managing the Ad hoc Jobs

Ad hoc jobs are unplanned but still important. This collection of topics will help you to manage these Ad hoc jobs as they occur.

Modifying the Schedule from the Calendar

In the calendar, you can easily see who has availability.  This makes the calendar a good place to make changes to the schedule.

Cancel a Job from the Housekeeping Dashboard

To cancel jobs from the dashboard, use "Update Status" to change the status to "Cancelled".

Re-Assigning a Houskeeper's Jobs to other Staff

 If the Scheduled Work Orders have already generated, you can easily assign one Housekeeper's jobs to another Staff for the current day.

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