Creating a Schedule

The next step will be to create the individual schedules for each Housekeeper and Custodian.  Start with the in-unit cleans.

For this step, you will need to have your schedules initially mapped out. 

Tip: Often you will have excel or paper based schedules already containing much of the important information (see below). It will be helpful to have this info with you to serve as a reference when building your schedules in TheWorxHub.

For each Location / Resident, you will need to have at hand:

  • Care level/unit type to determine which Template will be used as a base
  • Special service requests for specific Residents to be regularly scheduled in addition to the core tasks
  • Start and end time
  • Frequency of occurrence, and the start date
  • Housekeeper to assign


Tip: Edit the generic description from the Template to include the unit number. By placing the unit number in the description, the unit number will be visible in the Calendar Staff view.

Video: Adding a Scheduled Work Order from a Template



Related Info:  Adding a Scheduled Work Order from a Template -- This related topic shows how to create a scheduled work order from a template. The topic shows the process for a maintenance related job, but all concepts apply to housekeeping as well.

Related Info: Adding a Scheduled Work Order -- We generally recommend using Templates for all the regularly scheduled cleaning jobs; especially if they have a Task List or a long description (Details) - why do all that work over again? However, there may be some jobs requiring only a single - or two - schedules. For these, you can create a Scheduled Work Order directly (for example, "main lobby cleaning" where there is only one main lobby).

Related Info: Fundamentals: Using the Location Picker -- The Location Picker is a versatile tool used for selecting one - or many - locations within your community. TheWorxHub provides the ability to type in search words to find a single location, as well as a pop-up treeview to navigate all locations in a hierarchical view

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