Creating Scheduled Templates for In-Unit Cleans

The first step in building your Housekeeping Schedule will be to create Templates for each general type of in-unit clean. This is usually based on the care level and size of unit; for example, 1-bedroom IL, 2-bedroom IL, etc.

Using Scheduled Templates is a fast and easy way to create many identical - or similar - jobs for different locations, and helps to maintain consistency in your schedule.

For this step, think about the major different types of in-unit cleans required; especially the individual steps or tasks required for each, and the frequency of occurrence (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly). What is the duration of your schedule? Do you have a two-week pattern or rotation?

Then break it down even further: what are the individual tasks required for each job? For each task within the Template, you can also assign an estimated time.


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Creating a Template for a 1-bedroom IL Clean


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