Changing Schedules

Stuff happens!  Even in the most organized community, the Housekeeping Schedule can be upset.  Not to worry!

If a Housekeeper is unable to work…

The most common scenario to upset any schedule is when a Housekeeper unexpectedly does not show up for work. 

The jobs have already been assigned.  What to do?  Can you call in a replacement?  Your first option would be to re-assign jobs to replacement Staff:  a part-time Worker, float Staff, or a supervisor.  You can do this easily through the Housekeeping dashboard.

Related Info: Re-assigning Housekeeper's work to a replacement Housekeeper -- If the Scheduled Work Orders have already generated, you can simply assign one Housekeeper's jobs to another Staff for the current day.

Your second option is to distribute the jobs to the other Housekeepers.  This is easy to do through the Calendar.

Video:  Re-assigning Housekeeper's work to other Housekeepers

This Watch, Listen, and Learn video will show you how to adjust your assigned work orders as necessary to ensure that you have proper coverage and staff to take care of your daily tasks.

 Alternatively, you can cancel or re-schedule jobs.

Related Info: Cancel a Job from the Housekeeping Dashboard -- Cancelling a job from the Dashboard is easy, just use the mouse-over status change to quickly make your changes.

If a Resident asks to reschedule…

Sometimes a Resident will upset your schedule by asking to re-schedule a job.   

Video:  Re-scheduling work

This Watch, Listen and Learn shows you how to see staff availibility and use that to make changed to your staff assignments right from the calendar.


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