Modifying the Schedule from the Calendar

  1. Go to the Calendar.
  2. Go to the Week view.
  3. Set the display for the first week of the Housekeeping Schedule.
    The display defaults to starting at 6am.  You can scroll to view earlier times if required.
  4. Use the department filter to show only Housekeeping Staff.ModifySch1.png
  5. Select a Housekeeper from the list on the left.
    Colors are assigned automatically.  To associate a specific color with a Housekeeper, use the Color Picker to choose a color of your choice. (You may need to uncheck and re-check the Housekeeper to refresh the display in the new color).ModifySch2.png
  6. Review the Housekeeper's schedule for the week.
    Scheduled Work Orders are displayed with a recurring symbol.
    For more information on a Scheduled Work Order, hover the mouse over the Work Order.  To dismiss the popup information window, click anywhere on the calendar outside of the window.ModifySch4.png
  7. Look for any issues in the Housekeeper's Schedule:
    1. Are there any Scheduled Work Orders without a Start time? These appear above the time grid.
    2. Are there any overlapping Scheduled Work Orders?
    3. Is there sufficient time between Scheduled Work?  Is re-stocking time included?  Breaks? Meals?  Staff meetings?
    4. Scroll through all the times in the calendar.  Sometimes it is easy to put in something for AM when you meant PM (or vice versa).  Is everything in its right place?
    5. Check the path that the Housekeeper travels in the course of a day.  Are they traveling too much?  Backtracking?  Can the schedule be made more efficient?
  8. If you need to make changes to the Scheduled times:
    Double-click on the Scheduled Work Order to open it up for editing.
    Change the Start times as required to re-schedule work.

Once all the Housekeepers' schedules have been reviewed, remember to look for any unassigned Scheduled Work Orders.

  1. Select ** Unassigned ** from the Staff list.
  2. To narrow down the display of Work Orders, click the Filter tab.  Select Department "Housekeeping", Priority "By Due Date" and the Category to "Clean".  Click Apply.  This will limit the display of unassigned Scheduled Work Orders (and Work Orders).
  3. Don't forget to look up top for those Scheduled Work Orders that do not have a start time.
  4. Add Housekeepers to the display to see who has room in their schedule for the new job.
  5. Double-click on the unassigned Schedule Work Order to open it up for editing.  Add a Start and End Appt time if required.  Assign Labor.
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