The Staff Schedule Dashboard

TheWorxHub Housekeeping Dashboard shows the details of your department that most likely need attention at any given moment of time.  Like the dashboard of a car, the items provide the current status and lead you to taking action.

Here you will find the Pending Requests dashboard indicator to monitor and process incoming ad hoc Work Requests, as well as the Incomplete and Overdue indicators.  Here also are the Reminders.

But the heart of the Housekeeping dashboard is the "Staff Schedule".

This displays all currently scheduled jobs and upcoming (not yet generated) scheduled jobs for the next seven days.


It is filtered by default on "Worker": this is the person assigned to each job, including Housekeepers, Custodians, or other Staff.  Jobs are grouped by the person doing the work, with a total job count and total estimated time for all jobs for each day.


Do a daily review of the schedule for each Housekeeper, Custodian, or other Staff.  Are there any special or unusual jobs scheduled for today?  Does everyone have enough work?  Too much work?  Who is available when to handle ad hoc requests?

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Other Dashboard Features

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Tip: If your Housekeepers or Custodians use Mobile Worx, they're all ready to go!  On their Mobile device, they will be able to view their scheduled jobs, document the time taken, and record job completions.

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