Locations & Residents

    Moving a Resident into the Community

    There are two places in TheWorxHub where you can add a new Resident to your community: the Location Manager or the Resident Info tab on a Location File.

    Resident Moves: Change Location

    Moving Residents within the community using the “Change Location” function ensures an accurate move history for each Resident.

    Resident Moves: Leave Community

    Moving Residents out of the community using the “Leave Community” function ensures an accurate occupancy history for each unit.

    Resident Profile: Adding an Away Notification

    Add Away notifications to a Resident File to provide additional information when generating Work Orders for their unit, so that the Entry Instructions can be modified if required.

    Resident Profile: Adding Entry Instructions

    Add entry instructions to a Resident File to establish permissions and special instructions for workers entering the unit to carry out work while the resident is not there.

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