Moving a Resident into the Community

There are two places in TheWorxHub where you can add a new Resident to your community: the Location Manager or the Resident Info tab on a Location File.

location manager and resident info tab

To quickly add a number of Residents with basic information such as names and contact information, use the Location Manager. Click here for more information.

However, in order to add more detailed information about a Resident, you will need to use the Resident Info tab on the Location File. Watch the video below for more information.

Adding a New Resident

Watch, Listen and Learn

Adding a New Resident through the Location Manager

To quickly add a number of Residents with basic information, use the Location Manager.

1: Find the Unit in Settings > Location Manager

Go to Settings > Location Manager and expand the branches of the location tree to find the location where you want to add a Resident. Point your mouse to the location to show the location options, and click the Plus button to add a new Resident.

location options

2: Enter Resident Details and Save

Enter the name and contact information for the Resident, and click "Save".

resident form

That's it! The Resident is now a member of your community.

resident in tree

Tip: Complete the Resident's profile through the Resident tab. Point to the Resident's name, and click the magnifying glass to jump directly to the Resident File.

resident profile btn

Note: The "On printed materials… address the household as" will default to the first and last name of the Resident.

resident name

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