Resident Moves: Change Location

Moving Residents within the community using the "Change Location" function ensures an accurate move history for each Resident.

Resident Moves: Change Location

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Tip: How to Manage Temporary Resident Moves - Everyone wants to give their residents the best care possible, and sometimes this means that the resident needs to move temporarily to the Health Care Center. When this happens, what do you do with their resident profile in TheWorxHub?

Managing resident information when they need to temporarily go for additional care in the Heath Care Center can be managed in several ways and it really comes down to how you manage resident data in the Health Care Center. In all cases we recommend leaving the resident profile in their original unit, as this is still being rented or is owned by them and hopefully they will be back enjoying it soon. However, depending on if you do or do not keep resident names in the HCC, we have two different suggestions.

1: No Resident Profile in HCC

If you DO NOT put resident data in the HCC then leave the resident profile linked to their original location, and just mark the HCC unit as occupied in the location data.

show unit as occupied checkbox

This will make sure that the unit will show up as occupied in your searches, but does not require you to manage additional Resident information.

2: Resident Profile in HCC

In the case that you DO track resident information in the HCC, we suggest adding the resident name a second time into that HCC room. This will make it easy to find both locations in the location picker.

location picker

When you add the resident data, add a note in the "Entry Instructions" noting their original unit.

entry instructions pane

This solution means that you will be able to keep all of the resident's preferences in their original unit and will also let the technicians know who is in the HCC room when called there.

When the resident leaves the HCC use the "Leave Community" feature to remove this temporary resident file from the room.

Note: For more help on adding a resident or adding entry comments see our step by step guides on adding a resident and adding entry instructions on our help site.

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