Mobile Worx

    Technician Workflow

    The main topics of the basic technician's workflow in Mobile Worx.

    Accepting a Request

    Accept a request in Mobile Worx and quickly turn it into a work order.

    Assigning Labor

    Assign one or more people to a work order, and have it pushed out directly to their mobile devices.

    Adding Labor Time

    Add labor time to a work order, either directly or by using the Mobile Worx timer feature.

    Completing a Work Order

    Close out a work order from out in the field as soon as the work's completed.

    Watch, Listen and Learn Video: Mobile Worx Fundamentals

    Mobile Worx enables your workforce to carry their work orders with them out into the field. This Watch, Listen and Learn video provides step-by-step instructions on capturing time and completing work orders on the mobile devices.

    Adding and Viewing Attachments

    View and add attachments to work orders directly from your phone or tablet.

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