Accepting a Request

1: Locate the Request

From the Mobile Dashboard, tap Pending Requests.
On the Pending Requests screen, swipe through the list to locate the request you're ready to accept, then tap it to open Request Details.


2: Accept the Request

On the Request Details screen, tap Accept to accept the request and open it as a new work order.

Swipe the Work Order screen to access the fields for Priority, Source of Work, Category, and Subcategory. These fields must be completed before you can save the work order.

Note: You can also choose to reject the request from the Request Details screen. Tap Reject and add a note explaining the reason for the rejection in the Rejection Reason field, then tap Save.


3: Enter Work Order Details

Tap the Priority field to open the Priority pick list.

  1. Swipe through the list.
  2. Tap an option to choose the priority for the work order.
  3. Tap Done to add this to the work order.

Repeat this procedure for Source of Work, Category, and Subcategory. When you've made all the required choices, tap Save. Tap Back to return to Pending Requests.


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