Technician Workflow

1: Locate the Work Order

From the Mobile Dashboard, tap Just My Work.
On the Just My Work screen, swipe through the list to locate the work order you're working on and tap to open.

Just My Work screen

2: Add Labor Time

On the Work Order screen, swipe to access the panels at the bottom of the work order. Tap the Enter Labor Time panel to open the Time Entry screen.

  1. As you begin working on the job, tap Start Timer to begin the timer count.
  2. Tap Stop Timer to stop the count.
  3. Tap Done to save and return to the work order.

Tip: Tap Back to exit the timer screen and use other Mobile Worx functions while the timer continues to log time. Tap the Labor Time panel on the work order to check or stop the timer.

Enter Labor Time panel

3: Complete the Work Order

Scroll to the bottom of your work order form.

  1. Tap the Status panel to open the Work Order Status Update screen.
  2. Tap Complete to mark the status complete. The Completion page opens.
  3. Tap the Completion Note field and add an explanatory note on the completed work.
  4. Tap Done to save the changes and return to the work order list.

Technician -work -flow -complete

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