Creating and Using Project Templates

Tip:  Project Templates are a great way to pre-define common projects - including all of the Work Orders that make up that project!

Templates allow for:

  • consistency in project definition,
  • streamlining of large project creation, and
  • advanced reporting on project outcomes.

A great example of how templates can make a big impact involves refurbishments or renovations. If a refurbishment of a two-bedroom independent living unit is standardized-meaning roughly the same work is done each time-a Project Template can be created to reuse over and over each time a two-bedroom refurbishment is required.

Creating a Project Template

Best Practice: Remember to think of a Project Template as the superset of all the standard items that you might do in any project built from the template. Create a Work Order within the Project Template for all possible variations of the work to be done. When you use the template for a specific Project, you can delete the Work Orders you don't need for that particular project.

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