Projects in TheWorxHub

A Project in TheWorxHub is essentially a collection of Work Orders.

Tip: A Project can contain Work Orders that span across multiple departments.

Projects are managed through the new Projects dashboard.


A Project consists of some basic information that defines the project, plus a collection of Work Orders.


The information that defines a project consists of:

  • Project #, which is prefixed with the letter "P" [assigned by TheWorxHub]
  • Description [optional]
  • Project Type, one of:
  1. Multiple jobs in a single location
  2. The same job in multiple locations
  3. The same job on multiple assets
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Project Budget, and budget monitoring options

There are three (non-exclusive) options for tracking the Project Budget:

  1. Include staff costs in budget monitoring
  2. Include contractor costs in budget monitoring
  3. Include inventory costs in budget monitoring

Project Work Orders

Once a project definition is saved, Work Orders can be created for the Project. Work Orders are added to a Project from within the Projects dashboard. Once created, they behave like regular WOs; for example, they show up on the dashboard, and they contain the Labor, Inventory, Asset, and other WO panels.

Project Work Orders on the Overview Dashboards

On the Overview dashboard, there is an option to show (or not to show) Project Work Orders.


To differentiate Project Work Orders from regular Work Orders, Work Order numbers are prefixed with the Project number; for example P1.23652 is WO #23652 which is a part of Project #1.

The means that you could use the dashboard Super Search to filter the list of Work Orders by Project number.

Best Practice: Consider a manageable time span for a Project. Ideally Projects should span no more than one or two weeks. You do not want Project Work Orders to flood the dashboards. A larger Project could be subdivided into multiple Projects. Bear in mind that all Work Order reports can be run for multiple Projects in a single report.

Project Work Order Form

In addition, Project Work Orders display a project banner across the top of the Work Order. This mini project header provides the Title of the Project as well as the Project Due Date. There is also a link to view all the Work Orders associated with the Project.


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